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Office Space in Town – Blackfriars

The Brief

With this being the 5th building we were asked to design for OSiT, there was no brief! None at all….we know this client so well and they have so much trust in us that as long as we get the agreed functionality into the space the aesthetic can then evolve as we wish (as long as there is a reason).

The Solution

Smiling is contagious…and this is where the design concept for 22 Tudor Street, Blackfriars started. SKS once again came up with a  unique design style based on the concept of ‘happiness’. We sent out ‘happiness surveys’ to gauge what makes people smile, which in turn influenced rooms themed around train sets, the outdoors, space and giant bugs.

The Outcome

A building that literally makes people smile!!! And we even won an award for Best Office Interior in London 2019 for this one.